22 Naughtiest Dogs Confess Their Crimes

By on December 12, 2014

Don’t worry– each dog was given due process. Alleged crimes were fully investigated before earning their perp a place on our Naughtiest Dogs list.


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heard a mouse

Very credible excuse, however that’s what you said the time before that, and the time before…


ladies at work

At least he shows a little remorse.


This sounds a bit more like a therapy session than a confession.


These two need some counseling.

big pillows

This is the most guilty dog face I’ve ever seen.


You’ve gotta admire the ingenuity of this pup- even if he was caught.

couch licker

Caught in the act it seems.


Forensic evidence from the backyard proved that this pooch was guilty.

poo book

We totally get the misunderstanding here.  But I’m sorry you are still on the list.


Hard not to get caught for this.

painter lunch

I can see why a stranger’s lunch left unattended was too tempting to resist.

left shoes

In her defense, the left shoes do taste much better.

heater poo

A very sneaky move to really send a message.

dem apples

Wanted bananas


I am learning that bunny poop has some interesting side effects on dog’s faces.


That is certainly one way of showing it.


The teacher’s dog ate my homework.  The NEW excuse for students around the country.


Not an ounce of remorse here.


You might want to wipe that flour off your nose before asking that question.


Couldn’t wait until Christmas, huh?  I know the feeling.

cookie jar

Talk about getting your hand caught in the cookie jar.  Err I mean head in the trash.


By the looks of you I’m not surprised.

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