The 15 Most Embarrassed Dogs on Dress Up Your Pet Day

By on January 12, 2015

In honor of National Dress Up Your Pet Day which is January 14th 2015, we have compiled the hall of fame for dogs that look super embarrassed dressed up in their costumes.


1.  The level of embarrassment is palpable.  I’m surprised she is not blushing.

Embarrassed dog

Etsy, Quilpsgirl


2.  This Corgi is not pleased at all that he has been likened to a hot dog.

Dog Dressed as Hotdog

TineyHo, Flickr


3.  He has opted to cover his eyes to hide the shame.

Dog Dinosaur

akeg, Flickr


4.  Not a Star Wars fan.  Not amused in the slightest.

Dog yoda

Foxtongue, Flickr


5.  I think this looks rather cute although clearly this pup does not agree.

Dog wearing wig


Etsy, lenapavia


6.  Not participating anymore with this costume on.

Dog embarassed

Etsy, AllYouNeedIsPugShop


7.  Just please let me know when the photoshoot is over.

Dog Sweater

Etsy, OnceUponAPoodle


8.  The one on the right seems to be having an decent time.  The one on the left… hating life.

Sad pugs

Etsy, pugnotes


9.  Really?   A tutu?

Dog wearing tutu

Etsy, GlamourDogBoutique


10.  Not even going to look at the camera he is so miserable.

Dog Santa

Etsy, playfulpup


11.  This might be the only one who is handling it with some grace.

Dog Flannel

Etsy, thecraftypup


12.  Classic evil eye look right here.

Dog Clothes Model

Etsy, OnceUponAPoodle


13.  This cutie seems to find the dinosaur costume laughable.

Dog Dinosaur hoodie

Etsy, PetitDogApparel


14.  Not happy at all about having to wear a dog snuggie.

Dog Snuggie

Etsy, TEXT


15.  Just going to stare at the wall until you take my tutu off.

Dog wearing tutu costume

Etsy, GlamourDogBoutique

Don’t forget to take your dog’s feelings into account when picking out their costume! Please share to remind your friends- Dress Up Your Pet Day is January 14th, 2015.

H/T Mashable, theFW

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