Male Dog Names: Game of Thrones Unofficial Guide

By on April 10, 2015

“Here, Max!”  How boring is that?  Seriously, what dog wants a name like Max (the most overused popular male dog name last year) when he can have a badass name like Drogo or Davos?  If you’re looking for a male dog name that has some serious nerd appeal and which will actually be fun to explain to other people, look no further than George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

If you’re already a fan of the epic fantasy series that inspired HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones, then you probably already have some guesses which names we’ll be recommending!  And if you aren’t, you should be.  It’s an exciting series full of intrigue and adventure.  It will whisk you away to another world, so do yourself a favor and check out the series.  And now, without further ado, here are some awesome names we recommend for your male dog!

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1. Drogo



Related names: Khal: Warlord.  Drogon:  The name of Daenerys’ favorite dragon, which she named after Drogo. Drogo is a powerful Dothraki warlord.  He is often referred to as Khal (Warlord or Chieftan) Drogo.  He marries Daenerys Targaryen and becomes a kind, loving husband to her.  He is taller and muscular with copper-colored skin and a long dark mustache and braid that hangs to his thighs. Key traits:  Kind, sensitive, loving, strong, loyal. Best for:  Large, strong dogs, especially those with copper fur.  Dogs with sensitive, kind temperaments.

2. Davos



Lord or Sir Davos Seaworth is Stannis Baratheon’s most loyal and honest supporter. He does what he believes is right, regardless of the danger it places him in. Davos was born in Flea Bottom, the poorest slum in King’s Landing. He became a sailor and smuggler to escape it. He eventually reformed and earned a knighthood for his loyalty to Stannis. Key traits:  Loyal, brave, honest, reliable. Best for:  Dogs with brave temperaments, or those that share the grey and white coloration of Davos’ hair and beard.  Also a great name idea for a rescued dog whose journey mirrors Davos’ journey from the slums to a better life.

3. Ghost



Ghost is Jon Snow’s adopted direwolf.  Initially the smallest of the litter, Ghost eventually grows as large as his siblings. He’s not like the others. He never makes a sound. That’s why I named him Ghost. That, and because he’s white. -John Snow, A Game of Thrones Key traits:  Intelligent, sensitive, fierce, loyal. Best for:  Dogs with the key traits above, plus large white dogs.

4. Syrio



Syrio Forel is a master swordfighter hired to train Arya Stark.  Syrio not only taught Arya about swordfighting, but also about seeing the world for what it really is.  In the HBO series, Syrio has a copper skin-tone and a head of dark curls. Key traits:  Dedicated, nimble, risk-taking, observant. Best for:  Dogs with dark curly hair, fast dogs, dogs which love to observe their surroundings carefully.

5. Grey Wind



Grey Wind was one of the six direwolf cubs that the Stark children found.  Robb Stark adopted Grey Wind and raised him.  Grey Wind is a fierce defender of his master, and during the Battle of the Whispering Wood, was reported to have killed a dozen men and just as many horses. Key traits:  Loyal, fierce, protective. Best for:  A guard dog or any fierce companion.  Also ideal for an Irish wolfhound, a greyhound or a husky.

6. Hodor



Hodor is a servant of House Stark at Winterfell, and works in the stables.  He doesn’t say much; in fact, the only word he is able to say is “hodor” over and over again.  Hodor is mentally handicapped, but still able to follow complicated instructions.  This makes him an ideal stableboy.  He is frightened of violence, and will sooner cower in a corner than confront his enemies.  Nonetheless, he is very protective of the Starks, and regularly faces great dangers on their behalves. Key traits:  Large, strong, loyal, and gentle. Best for:  Large, strong, gentle dogs, as well as dogs that are not too vocal or aggressive.  If you have a mentally handicapped dog that is a loyal companion, this would also be a perfect choice.

7. Shaggydog



Related names:  Shaggy Shaggydog is one of the six direwolf cubs rescued by the Stark children, and raised by Rickon.  Shaggydog is the least disciplined of the rescued wolf cubs, which is a direct reflection of Rickon’s personality.  Shaggydog is black with bright green eyes, and is often simply called “Shaggy.”  Bran feels the name is immature, but it was chosen by Rickon at age three, so this is not a particular surprise. Key traits:  Fierce, unruly, willful. Best for:  Large dogs with green eyes.  Also a great choice if you are looking for a more “traditional” dog name that still has the nerdy appeal of being connected to Game of Thrones.  Is it a good name for an unruly dog?  Maybe, but you don’t want to encourage him too much!

8. The Hound



Related names:  Sandor, Clegane Sandor Clegane is known as the Hound both because he is so savage and because he is such an excellent servant to his masters.  He serves as a bodyguard to Joffrey Baratheon for years.  He is sometimes repelled by Joffrey’s own sadism, but is himself quite callous, even killing an unarmed butcher’s boy without any qualms.  He is a large man who has prominent scars on his face, inflicted by his brother Gregor.  Their father covered for Gregor, so the Hound does not care much for his family.  Despite his violent nature, he regularly demonstrates surprising restraint and compassion, which makes him a foil to his brother, who really is cold and cruel through and through. Key traits:  Violent, fiercely loyal and obedient, with a hidden compassionate side.  The ideal servant. Best for:  Guard dogs and any large, loyal dogs, especially those that are outwardly fierce and temperamental, but perfectly obedient to their masters.  A dog with noticeable scarring could also be named Sandor, Clegane or the Hound, as could a dog rescued from a bad family.  And naturally any of these names would be perfect for an actual hound!

9. Ned



Related names:  Eddard, Stark Eddard Stark, also known by his nickname Ned, is head of House Stark.  As head of household, he makes a poor politician, but a great father to his children, Robb, Sansa, Bran, Arya, Rickon, and Jon Snow.  His marriage to his wife Catelyn was arranged, but he loves her anyway.  He is also a great head of household for his staff.  He regularly eats with his servants and enjoys joking around with his men.  While his surname “Stark” reflects the bleak landscape where his family rules, it is very much counter to his warm, loving personality. Key traits:  Kind, loving, warm-hearted, responsible, merciful, not at all cunning. Best for:  Ned, Eddard or Stark would all make excellent names for nanny dogs that are good with children.  Consider one of these names for a wire-haired pointing griffon, a bearded collie, or a Newfoundland.  A dog with this name should be gentle, compassionate, and caring.

10. Casterly



Casterly Rock is not a person, but a place.  It is a fortress which stands on a cliff above the harbor of Lannisport, looking out over the Sunset Sea.  The fortress was hewn from the living rock.  Its position provides it with natural defenses which have been enhanced by its builders.  Important rooms inside Casterly include the Golden Gallery, the Stone Garden, the Hall of Heroes, and the Lion’s Mouth.  The sound of the sea crashing on the rocks below can clearly be heard. Best for:  Casterly would make a great name for any dog- perhaps a strong, valiant dog.

11. Stark



House Stark is one of the noble families that is central to A Song of Ice and Fire.  Ned and Catelyn are parents to Robb, Bran, Sansa, Arya, and Rickon.  Ned’s son Jon Snow is half-brother to the rest of the siblings.  As one of the Great Houses of Westeros, House Stark rules the bleak land known as the North.  The noble lineage dates back at least eight thousand years.  The symbol of House Stark is a grey direwolf on a white field.  The House motto is a warning to others (not a threat), “Winter is Coming.”  Physically, most of the Starks have dark brown hair, gray eyes, and lean builds with long faces.  In terms of personality, House Stark is all about safeguarding the old ways of honor and faith while the lands and houses around them quarrel and turn against one another.  The Starks usually speak plainly and shun politics, sometimes to their disadvantage.  They are however great military leaders. Key traits:  Honor, justice, honesty, strength, faith, loyalty. Best for:  Breeds of dogs like German shepherds and Pitbulls which are known for their strength and loyalty.

12. Rayder



Related names:  Mance Mance Rayder, born a wildling, was a ranger in the Night’s Watch.  He eventually returned to the wildlings, and became King-Beyond-the-Wall.  He has great social skills, which he uses to unify the tribes of the Free Folk against the menace imposed by the White Walkers. Key traits:  Sociable, honest, stern, calm under fire, determined, dedicated to his people. Best for:  Dogs with sociable natures, as well as dogs that are calm during trying situations.  This could also be a great name for a dog that does well with other dogs.

13. Bronn



Bronn is a hired fighter known for both his skill with a blade and for his cunning.  He has a dark sense of humor, is highly practical, and is philosophically amoral.  He is in essence the prototypical mercencary. Key traits:  Pragmatic, cunning, and fierce. Best for:  Dogs with similarly fierce personalities or mischievous dogs.

14 & 15. Bonus for Two Dogs: Fire & Ice

Song of Ice and Fire Have two dogs you want to give adorable names to which will take a bit less explanation than any of the names above?  Name them Ice and Fire!  A lot of people you meet will instantly figure out the reference, whether or not they are George R. R. Martin fans. We hope you enjoyed this list.  If you have any boy dog names you want to add that we didn’t mention, be sure to share with us in the comments!  And if you aren’t yet a fan of Game of Thrones, start watching!  

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