Dog Training Tips & News: Roundup!

By on June 1, 2015

We love to cull through the web and find the most exciting tips and tricks for dog owners.  We found some great training ideas as well as some very interesting news, recipes, and more.  Check it out:

Dog Training Tips and Tricks

Nine Ways to Prevent Dog Bites:  Whether you own a dog or not, these tips for avoiding dog bites can be very helpful to you and your family!  The guide to a dog’s body language is particularly great!

Prevent Dog Bites by Assigning Age-Appropriate Pet Care Chores:  Pretty self-explanatory, this is about preventing your children from getting dog bites by making sure you don’t give them jobs that are likely to result in biting.  Why is it awesome?  There’s a handy breakdown by age and specific suggestions for each age group.

How to Give a Dog a Pill:  Have a fussy dog that won’t take his pills?  Learn an easy and simple way to do it!

Canine News

Going Out to Eat with Your Dog is Close to Becoming Legal in New York:  Live in NY and want to take your furry pal out with you to the café?  Good news!

Really, Canine Science is Open Access:  Head over to Scientific American to check out how and where you can view original studies on canine behavior.  Also enjoy a brief interview with Monique Udell, guest editor of the recent special issue of New Directions in Canine Behavior. 

Death Throes of the Guilty Look:  You know that guilty “I did something wrong” look your dog gives you when you come home sometimes?  You may want to rethink what it means—or if it means anything at all.  This new study really shakes up some of our age-old assumptions about canine behavior.

More Awesome Canine Stuff

9 Things to Bring When Camping with Your Dog:  Depending on where you live, the weather is probably getting to be pretty amazing about now.  If you’re planning on sharing the fresh air with your dog and hitting the trials, read this list of must-bring dog supplies first!

Homemade Frosty Paws:  As the hot summer months set in, you won’t be the only one hoping for a cool, tasty treat!  Here’s a great one to make for your furry friend!

10 Must-Have Apps for Dogs:  These 10 amazing apps are a must download for every dog owner!  They’ll help you keep your pet safe and happy and healthy, and make your life a lot easier in the process!

I hope you enjoyed these links, and that you share them with your friends and family members!  Be sure to check back again soon for more fun and useful dog training tips and tricks, news, ideas and more!

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