22 Extremely Pudgy Puppy Bellies are the Most Important Thing You Will Look at Today

By on January 8, 2015

Life is too short not to enjoy an overload of cuteness from time to time.


1.  This pup has clearly just eaten so much he tipped over.

Puppy sleeping on back


2.  Doing her best Daddy watching football on Sunday impression.

Puppy watching tv


3.  Doubling up on the fat bellies on these two best friends.

puppies sleeping on their backs


4.  The belly combined with her placement on the couch might be the greatest.

puppy Dalmatian sleeping on couch


5.  This is one of the pudgiest bellies in history.

Pudgy puppy belly


6.  This pup barely weeks old still has managed to grow the cutest belly.

Newborn puppy belly


7.  Some TV and some lounging is too funny looking.

Puppy watching tv


8.  Sunbathing with the belly out.

Puppy sun bathing


9.  I believe this pup is doing a sexy pose for this picture

Puppy belly


10.  This is the pudgiest of all bellies.

Bulldog puppy belly


11.  “You called?”

Pug puppy belly


12.  Someone please change the channel.  This pup can’t reach the remote and is NOT getting up.

Puppy on couch


13.  Tongue out.  Belly out.

Puppy sleeping


14.  An extremely fluffy belly.

Puppy belly


15.  She thought about covering up her belly for a second.

Puppy belly


16.  This pup know how to strike a pose with the belly out.

Cute Puppy


17.  7 pudgy bellies in a row is too much to handle right now.

7 uppies in a row


18.  These two gorged themselves without a doubt.

Puppies sleeping


19.  Straighten out those legs and relax a little bit.

Puppy sleeping


20.  I appreciate the pat on the head but please scratch my belly.

Puppy belly


21.  Her belly is twice the size of her head.

Puppy Belly


22.  This set of belly rolls might just take the cake (no pun intended) as the cutest belly of them all.

Puppy belly rolls

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H/T Distractify & Buzzfeed

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